There are four doctoral schools in Mathematical Sciences in UCAD (in 2008), UGB (in 2012), UASZ (2014)  and UADB (2016) created by Senegalese nationals with more than 110 PhD students in total. Each doctoral school is constituted by several research laboratories in mathematics and their applications: 


University of Cheikh Anta Diop

  • Laboratory of Algebra, Cryptology, Algebraic Geometry and Applications: Homological algebra, Noncommutative algebraic geometry, cryptography on elliptic curves, etc. 
  • Laboratory of Geometry and Applications: Differential Geometry, Control theory, Complex Geometry, Riemannian and Hyperbolic Geometries.
  • Laboratory of Computer Science: QOS, Mobility and network security.
  • Laboratory of Mathematics of Decision and Numerical Analysis
    PDE, Geometrical Analysis of Optimal Shapes, Operations Research, Combinatorial and Global Optimization, Numerical Analysis.
  • Laboratory of Applied Mathematics: Probability and Statistics, PDE, Optimization, Numerical Analysis, Functional analysis.


 University of Gaston Berger

  • Laboratory of Numerical Analysis and Computer Sciences:
    PDE, Control, Calculus of variations,  Information system and database, Coding and cryptography, etc. 
  • Laboratory of Studies and Research in Statistics and Development
    Statistical methods and probabilities, chronological series, Statistical studies of poverty indicators, etc.


University Assane Seck of Ziguinchor

  • Laboratory of Mathematics and Applications: Complex analysis of several variables, algebra, real algebraic geometric, number of theory, probability and statistics, solid mechanics, partial differential equations, Algebraic computer .


University Alioune Diop of Bambey

  • Team of Non Linear Analysis, Geometry and Applications (ANLG): geometry, real algebraic geometric,  partial differential equations, optimal mass transportation, control.
  • Team of Research in Statistics and Random Models (ERESMA): probability and statistics, Statistical studies of poverty indicators, etc.